1989 "NAM JUNE'S FIRST TAPE" 00.18.28
Prod.: Grand Canal / CNAP. Sous-titres

Investigation sur la première video qu'aurait faite Nam June Paik, à bord d'un taxi
de St Patrick Church up town à "Café au Gogo" down town.
Même itinéraire, avec les voix de Don Foresta, Russel Connor, Shigeco Kubota,
John Hanhart,
Barbara London, et Nam June Paik, lui-même!

Paik picked up an early portable videorecorder: the Portapack,and shot the crowds attending the Pope's NYC visit from a moving taxi. Paik's tape was then shown that same evening in a Fluxus event in Soho.This sequence-shot video contains Baladi's investigation into Nam June Paik's first art video tape sometimes referred to as "The Pope Tape".
On the same itinerary Baladi's video scans the streets of New York from the inside of a yellow cabwhile various experts are quizzed over the telephone about the original video.
Baladi's voice elicits voiced responses from Nam June Paik himself,
Barbara London (the video curator at MOMA) and Shigeco Kubota, Nam June Paik's then companion as well as Don Foresta, Russel Connor
(a public access broadcaster) and John Hanhart (of the Whitney Museum).

Paul Robertson

Transcript of the phone exchanges
The video

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